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Vinyl straps, finished ends...

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So, you managed to resist the temptation, all those great glittery vinyls called your name but you walked away. Or maybe you answered the calling and found yourself hitting your head against the wall because there's no way on earth you can attach the handles. That's twelve, yes, twelve layers of vinyl  (even without interfacing, that's a lot!!) right under your presser foot... Bananas!!!

And then Alicia from Swoon Sewing Patterns does her magic and releases Charlotte and well, you have to bite the bullet and make it work, because even if she did include directions for using fabric instead of vinyl, you know you wanna... Hey!! You do!!

Behold the Charlotte City Tote Yvon, from Lippy Anne Designs, made!!!
I told you!! Now I have your attention and you neeeeed to use the vinyl (or leather, or pleather, or plastic alligator or whatever), lets solve the handle attaching problem. You have options. For once, you could use rivets, if you have them, and the tool, and all that jazz. Maybe you could just totally disrespect you machine and do it as you would do with a fabric strap!! IT CAN BE DONE!! Seriously!!

See here Miss Betty by Swoon using both techniques, I really love it!!!

If you do respect your machine and don't have any rivets available you can always leave the raw edges (it's a non-fraying fabric after all) and cut super straight with a super sharp pair of scissors... If you cut like a two year old with paper scissors, like me, you need a plan D, like me. And that plan is getting finished edges without bulk, to fold just once and therefore sew only trough eight layers of vinyl, way more manageable!! I'll give you the directions and measurements to do it with Charlotte, for a finished strap 3/4" wide.

First cut your vinyl as in the pattern directions, you could add 1.5" in length (twice your finished width if making for another size strap) to account for the fold made if you like but it's not a must.

Then, make the following markings on both ends of your straps, at the back of the vinyl. The straight lines should be 3/4" away from each other (finished width) and the diagonal lines should cross them as in the picture.

Cut along the green lines, getting a pointy end. Remember, do this on both ends. After that, get some contact glue (not required, but totally recommended) and fold along the orange lines.

I didn't use any glue, but finally bought some after taking this pictures. The glue will keep the little triangle in place and the corners sharp while you fold your whole strap in half and keep in place with a lot of clips. If you don't use any glue, you risk getting those small, almost invisible, round openings at the corners.

Finally, sew all around your strap, 1/8" or less from the edge. Don't backstitch when you finish the whole strap, but at least keep going for 1/2" so your stitches are secured.

Now you can attach to your bag with a single fold and enjoy your beautiful bag!! :D I would show you mine, but my pics are, well, hmm, nothing good to say about them!!

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  1. Gracias por compartir, muy profesional. Thank you

  2. Thankyou such a good idea. I hate the unfinished edges of vinyl, no matter how well you cut them they look unfinished.