jueves, 21 de noviembre de 2013

The Eleanor slouchy hobo

This last couple of weeks have been chaotic and I've been very tired... I fell down and got my entire body bruised. I mean, I had amorphous green and black lumps on my back, hips and buttocks. I'd like to pretend I got injured rock climbing or kung fu fighting but sadly it was the result of cleaning my bathroom... Slippery, messy and certainly not glamorous!!! So I should have been in serious pain but I wasn't! Instead, I was sleepy and cranky, meaning I wasn't in the mood for sewing. But a few days before my fall the ladies at the post office fell for my handbag and wanted me to make them some and yes, I had to sew!! Thank God it was the Eleanor slouchy hobo from Swoon patterns they wanted!!

Alicia really makes beautifull patterns, but what I like the most is the simplicity, how easy to follow they are. I have to say that this is the first and only pattern I bought, printed, taped, and sewn in less than a week (there's patterns I bought six months ago that I have not even touched!!). In fact, in less than 4 hours I even presented my finished bag at crafsty!! That, my friends, is love!!! Love inspired by a lovely design and a simple pattern!! This time it took me more time, between the fall and maybe the fact that these two lovely bags weren't for me... I'm mean like that!! :P (no, not really, I just wasn't that exited)

I did change the pattern a bit, I don't like shoulder bags and I'm a carefree, sometimes clueless, girl in a big, busy city, so I need a crossover. For that porpoise I added 8" to the strap pattern piece (adding 16" to the actual length of the strap)  and voilà!! On the previous picture you can notice the curvy outline of this spacious bag, but it actually hangs freely, following the lines of your body; SLOUCHY is a great description and it is what I love the most about this bag.

This is the Eleanor without the 10 yards of fabric stuffing!! Also, without light and with a mop, a bucket and a broom on the background... :P I'm showing you this lousy picture for you to see the color of the fabric. I used a marbled violet and black home decor canvas, the visual effect is this beautiful dark plum. I took some other photos with flash, you'll see a very light violet and you'll notice the marbling, but I wanted you to see the actual color first.

How not to love this outline???

 I used D-rings instead of circular rings. It works just as well...
 For the two bags I used this super cute star pulls. Because of them, it was hell to install the zipper with the method on the instructions, but it was surely worth it!!

Here yo can see the detail of the marbling of the fabric, violet and black, lighter because of the flash...

Love, love this pattern!!

And I'll love you to share your thoughts!!



PS There's still time to get your tickets for the B-Day raffle!!!

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