lunes, 11 de noviembre de 2013

Dino Rol Messenger!!!

Finally!!! And if you wonder why there's a Koala with a bag on a dinosaur related post I'm telling you right now!! Because I'm weird!! This bag is named as Rol and, as you can see, also is the koala... and the koala has a bag, a messenger bag!!! And... As I told you before Rol is a designer residing in Australia and he needed the perfect bag for him, therefore the koala with his bag -you have to know that Rol draw this lovely friend on a postcard he and Ale sent me last month . Following his instructions, I designed this bag and made a test on black denim and magenta canvas that resulted so popular that I had to make one after another until I got out of fabric (and sadly the stores are out of stock!!) making small changes and variations to experiment a little with the design and make each time a unique item.

And voilà the end result!!! I love the color scheme, the contrast between the textures, the distressing on dinosaur canvas... I can almost hear it ROAR!!!

I also love that not all the webbing and not all the zippers are the same color. And this is the first time I use plastic hardware everywhere and like the way it looks!!

It has a lot of useful pockets and we'll review one by one. First a big front pocket, perfect for folders. This pocket also holds four different other pockets, the first a regular pocket for keys, cell phone or even a mini tablet!! Then, we have the infamous pen holder formed by a divided elastic and a little pocket to prevent pens and pencils from falling. I didn't like it at first, but Rol love's it!! The third and forth pockets are two zippered pockets, perfect for coins, keys, or whatever needs to be a little more secured.

Notice here the strap is removable, you wouldn't believe that it's harder to get this plastic hardware sold by unit than it is to get metallic d-rings and swivel hooks!! I found some kits over amazon, but getting them to Mexico was more expensive that buying a milliard over here... Nuts!! Right?

I love this mesh bag!!! It's meant for holding water bottles and secured by a string instead of an elastic with this two pieces of hardware I don't know the english names for. At first I planned to use 1/2" black bias tape, but decided it was a lot cutter to use the "Dinosaurs!!" fabric instead, not cut on the bias, so you can read the words...

The id pocket!!! This mesh-zippered pocket is placed at the flap and lies upside down when the bag is closed so it is right when the flap is completely open... The main functionality is for holding college ids, metro cards, library cards or any other magnetic card for it to be presented to readers (or college security for instance) without taking it out of the bag, then reducing the chances of loosing it (happened once or twice to me :P)
The main compartment is closed by a recessed green zipper. You can see the top panels of the "recession" are on the same dinosaur canvas of the back of the flap.
Meanwhile, the inside of the compartment, the back of the zipper panels and the divider pocket are all from the gray dinosaur cotton.

This is the only time I used a black zipper and double zipper pulls.

Here, you can see the detail of the end of the recessed zipper, maybe next time I'll use a jacket zipper to avoid having this little tail hanging...
Last, but not least, I have to talk about my zipper pulls!! My favorite feature!!! I looked for them like crazy and that was because after all the efforts made for having all the hardware in plastic I wasn't using shinny metallic pulls!! Right? So, I found these rubber covered pulls but they were the wrong size [for an 8 mm chain zipper and I use 5 mm (regular dress zippers are 3 mm)] so I had to change the slider... That means you have to find the sliders on the right size and on a model that allows you to add any tab you want, then you have to separate the tab from the wrong slider and put it on the right one.. Easy, right??

Thanks for letting me share my work with you and, please, let me know what you think!!!



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