miércoles, 6 de noviembre de 2013

Big Birthday Raffle!!!

My birthday is coming in less than a month and I want to celebrate having my laptop back... Making a long, sad story short, my laptop, one of my work tools crashed and I have to replace some parts, plus paying the lab. So, I have to raise around 500 dollars and waiting to sell enough bags will take lots of time.

And just because I can't ask for money without giving anything in exchange, I decided to sell tickets for a raffle. It will take place on my birthday, December 3rd and I will pick up to 4 numbers trough random.org to win some of my products. I will also donate 10% of the entries to an animal rescue organization yet to be announced Mascotas Coyoacán (FB page in spanish). They devote themselves to the rescue of dogs near my home.

I will sell 115 tickets at 56.25 MXP (a little less than 5 USD) and every 25 sold tickets a price will be unlocked as follows:

First price: 1 to 25 tickets sold

A Necessary clutch Wallet (design by Emmaline Bags) to choose from the ones on this publication

Second place: 50 tickets sold

To choose between a NCW nos chosen by the first place and a Danopack, this compact cable organizing  bag of my own design with a beautiful silver skulls embreoidery (the embroidery design is from Urban Threads)

Third and forth place: 75 and 100 tickets sold, respectively

A set of four cable holders, great elastic/velcro design perfect to maintain earphones and other cables untangled...

You can pay securely through paypal and I'll email you the number of your ticket. Or if you want an specific number and it is available, I can give it to you.


Here, some pictures of other Danopacks and cable holders being used:

Thank you very much for your support and please let me know if you have any doubts or questions.



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