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Minitablet cover

This is not a licensed Peanuts Worldwide LLC product.
It is however, hand-crafted from licensed Peanuts Worldwide LLC fabric.
I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Peanuts Worldwide LLC.

First things first; should I tell you about the fabrics and the pattern or should I tell you the story behind this beauty??

The pattern is Kwik Sew 3924 Erica's E-reader Cover & Case and includes pattern and instructions (wich I tend not to follow) for this cutie and a little bag for a 7.5" by 12" kindle e-reader. It should take a couple hours to make, depending on your procrastination level... Mine is high!!!

Now, the fabrics!! The three fabrics I used are manufactured by Quilting Treasures with a License by Peanuts Worldwide LLC and are:

It's been so long since Ale bought the fabrics and I couldn't wait to use them, but the fabrics came from the States in July and the pattern traveled all the way from Australia and arrived mid October.

So, Sammy is a 7" tablet and Ale, its owner likes to dress her in cute outfits, most of them Peanuts themed since she's a big Snoopy fan and she asked me to make her this cover and the case (coming soon!! :P).

The interior features 3 card slots, a big pocket and 4 corner triangles to hold your tablet or reader. I have to say the patterns also has instructions for re-sizing if you want to make one for any other device... Also, the patterns asks for a fleece padding (for protection) but I used 1/4" polyurethane foam.

 I looove the shape of the closure tab, but the Velcro (c) stripe did posed a challenge!!

So, the pattern asks  fot the stripe to be sewn over the finished tab (I normally sew Velcro (c) over only one layer of fabric to avoid seeing the seam on the other side) and me, being me with my contrasting threads got the mess you see above... (and yes, that top stitch needed to be redone!!)

Since the fabric was striped, just using yellow thread posed the same problem... Thankfully, Ale suggested (yes, I know I should came with that idea on my own, but, you know, I was frustrated!!) using nylon invisible thread!! And voila!!! I love, love this cover!!!

And I love you!! 


ps... don't forget to check out the raffle post, just in case you want to participate...

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