lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

Melissa tablet bag

Hi!! Long time no see... Almost two weeks... 13 very long days in fact. I've been sewing some gifts for one of my very dear Australian friends, some bags and designing this little bag.

Melissa will have her seventh birthday this November and Max, her father and my friend is giving her a 7" tablet. He wants it to be a very special gift so my mission was to make it special. Fortunately enough I found this wonderful pink corduroy and everything went on around it.

 At first, I haven't considered the fact that I used 1/8" thick foam and got a too small bag. Yes, it was the exact size of the tablet, but getting it inside was next to impossible. So, I had to rip off the name appliquée and the strap and cut everything again... See the original bag on the right.
 Inspired by the fabric, I finally got to use this beautiful butterfly zipper pulls!! Remember love is in the details!!
 Don't you just love this zipper tab?? I wanted to make a recessed zipper, but as I used a 1/4" chain zipper, it was too hard to get inside such a little bag and I had to let it out

I made an adjustable strap, the back side with the same color of the appliquée

 The appliquée was a blue canvas strip with Melissa's name embroidered in pink. I don't really know why I used fray check on it, but I did :P

I don't own an embroidery machine, but I got a pretty good deal with a professional embroiderer, one of those guys that makes caps and t-shirts for schools, publicity, etc... And he's good looking too!

I also made an exterior pocket for Melissa, lined in blue, of course...
 The inside of the bag is blue and simple, big enough for the tablet to go inside and padded for protection

Going the extra mile....

When I saw the tablet information I noticed it came with a power charger, usb cable and a pair of earphones, and I went the extra mile and made some matching cable holders...

Any thoughts?? Please, give me your opinion!



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