jueves, 10 de octubre de 2013

My take on The Necessary Clutch Wallet from Emmaline Bags

Update: This four wallets will get raffled on December 3rd (see the details here)

I have made so many Necessary Clutches, but these two are definitely my favorite!!!

Several months ago, my friend Cassandra sent me a link to The Boyd St. Bowling Bag pattern and I loved it as well as all Emmaline patterns!! Having as limited money as I do, I had to choose one and save the others for later (I haven't bought them, but I will... eventually!!). Paulina (yes, you'll read a lot about her) helped me decide and we came up with the decision of buying a wallet pattern since I already own several (I do not have a pattern hoarding problem!!!) bag patterns and none for a wallet. Well, let me tell you, The Necessary Clutch Wallet was the perfect choice for me since it is big, beautiful and versatile. Janelle, its designer, even made a tutorial to add shoulder and wrist straps to it, and I add both for every single NCW I make.

About Janelle Mackay I have to tell you, she's lovely!!! She pays very special attention to her clients and followers, making us feel really special. She also has great free bag making tutorials, including straps, recessed zippers, zippered pockets and regular pockets; all very clear and made easy. In her shop you can find 6 great bag patterns (including the two I already mentioned) and the necessary hardware to make those and every other bag you want. I love her new line of Bag Jewellery, featuring metal bag labels and metal zipper pulls with the legend "handmade"... It's a shame (with exchange rates as they are) I can't aford them right now.

Getting back to the clutches!! The pattern is clear and easy to follow and the results, just lovely. I have made probably two dozen of these, one for me, all the others to sell. So I decided to make four of them for Purse Palooza, two on colors I used before (see below) and two with some really cool new fabrics I found (the two at the top). Yes, and having a flu, this week has been loooong!!

As you can see I love magenta, purple and all the colors on those pallets.

And yes, I always use contrasting fabrics and contrasting thread, even if my stitches are not as straight as I wish... It is a decision I took when making my very first bag, since I'm a loud person and the fabrics I use are not as loud as I am, I just can't help it.

I do have a construction tip for the folding lines. The pattern asks for tracing the lines as part of a triangle with a 3.5" side. Pretty straight forward and well explained in the pattern and the photos; and in theory is a correct way to do it but when no matter how well you try to cut your pieces and how straight are your stitches, if you are like me, you'll get some funny folds, not really straight and uneven. Note in picture below my XOXO pajamas and how the folds are all over the place!!

Instead, i use a clear quilting ruler and mark a line passing by the corner of the stitching box of the zipper pocket at a 60° angle

That way, you will have even folds and if you use a striped fabric, you should get a chevron pattern... Do as I say, not as I do, because you know, it isn't perfect :P

Enough said, I'll leave you with the four babies you came to see, all big and pretty... :D

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  1. Fantastic advice with the 60 degree angles! Thank you so much for the lovely, generous, review. I love your work! I think you will do great at purse palooza!! Janelle

  2. Very beautiful wallets and I agree, Janelle is a really great person!

  3. Gorgeous wallets! I can't wait to try one for myself! Thanks for the tip about the 60 degree angle. I'll definitely try that!!

  4. Love your 60 degree angle tip! Lovely NCWs!