lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013

Renata's Rol Messenger

Rol is a designer and an architect living in Australia. Some time ago, he asked me for the perfect bag, HIS perfect bag!! And so, he selected the desired features and I came up with a design, the Rol Messenger. I have to say, his bag hasn't been made, I'm waiting for the fabrics (with the coolest dinosaur patterns!!) and I hope to get them in time for purse Palooza.

I love this little pocket!!
To test the pattern I made this first version, with all the features desired by Rol but with Jimena's colors... Jimena is the cousin of my friend Paulina and wanted me to make her a bag ever since she saw the Sideckick Mini Suitcase I made for Paulina. As you can see, even if I used the magenta fabric, all the details are in black. The exterior main fabric is a black denim and the interior fabrics are, both magenta and flowered black, home decor canvas.

I personally didn't like the pen holder, but Jimena and Rol seemed very pleased with it.

To make a long story short, Renata (my sister in law) fell in love with Jimena's bag and I had to make her one. She wanted the same colors and the same bag, but gave me total freedom to change whatever little detail I wanted to change.

First things first; the strap isn't removable and all the details, such as bias trimming and thread, are magenta.

I can't stress enough the importance of this step!! Do you remember how much weight you used to carry around when in college?? Well, I do!! And I can tell you I broke too many bags back in my day... Most permanent straps are sandwiched between the exterior and the lining while others are fixed with a sewn square to the gusset (very sturdy!!). I just did both!!!

 And yes!!! Goodbye ugly pen holder (for now, at least). Hello, beautiful little pen pocket!! This front pocket holds file folders and four different pockets: the big one for cellphones for example, the pen pocket, and two zippered pockets for coins, keys, candy, or anything needing a little safe pocket...

 I just can't believe I used to think that recessed zippers were impossible!! It just turns out that they're not only useful, but very simple. I might even consider to make a tutorial one day. Maybe once I get all the rust of my english!!!

Don't you just love this mesh pocket?? It's perfect for metro cards or id's!!! It's attached to the back of the flap so you can present your card without opening your bag.

 This side mesh pocket is different (to the one on Jimena's bag) not only because of the color of the trimming, but because of its "closure". This time, instead of elastic, I used polyester cording and some hardware (I don't know the english name of these "ahorcadores" and "bellotas"). It's just safer, sturdier and prettier!!!

Finally, a very important feature... The hidden, zippered, fully lined, big pocket that divides the main space of the bag. It also features a double pull zipper. You know for important documents, report cards or stuff like that.

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